Paslode All-Season Framing Fuel Pack

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Brand Paslode
Part Number 816008
Warranty 1 Year

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New Paslode spare framing fuel works in all Paslode framing nailers. The fuel cell is easy to install, just drop in and go. The premium grade fuel provides a precise fuel dose to reliably drive up to 1,200 nails.

  • Convenient 9 fuel cartridge pack means you buy only what you need
  • Package includes 2 twist-off/twists on fuel adapters so fuel can be used with CF325Li, CF325 and IMCT Paslode framing nailers
  • Same fuel, same performance as Paslode red fuel
  • Fuel cell enables safe, cordless use
  • Consistent system performance down to 14 degree F with the XP nailer works down to 18 degree F degree with all other Paslode cordless framing nailers

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